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DP1 DP2 DP3 Dwelling Insurance

Insurance Plus, providing investment property protection for Landlord Rental Property Owners, Investors and Management Professionals. Your source for investment property protection.

DP1 Property Insurance Quotes

DP1 DP3 DP2 Dwelling Insurance Quotes for Texas

Coverage forms for most Texas rental properties are available at this time. Forms available are DP1 DP2 DP3 and BOP, and Fire Insurance.

Small for let properties can be covered in our Hassle Free dwelling insurance program.

Coverage can generally be effected same day or following day based on Replacement cost or Actual cash Value (ACV).

For your convenience, we have many programs that utilize electronic point of sale issue. Some market may require a completed application.

If electrical wiring, plumbing and roofing system have all been updated in the last 20 years then you can qualify for a discount on your landlord insurance policy rate by using the most recent remodeling date as the age of the structure. Up to a 10% credit.

We are now offering accidental water damage coverage with some DP1 insurance policies on standard Fire, EC, VMM policies. All DP2 and DP3 Insurance Polices offer water protection. This applies to tenant and or owner occupied Homes.

Investment properties can present risks not normally associated with an Owners occupied dwelling. A well thought out Landlord Insurance Policy or Landlord Cover note can be cost effective as well as provide the necessary financial protection required to secure your investment.

Premium Financing is now available on all insurance programs.

Basic Protection needed

  • Fire, wind and hail for your main Structure (s), Landlord Building Replacement / ACV option.
  • Other Out Buildings and structures.
  • Contents Coverage (Equipment Appliances, Furnishings, etc).
  • Landlords Liability Insurance
  • Property Replacement Guarantees.
  • Extended Fire, Windstorm and Hail coverage.
  • Accidental Water Discharge from plumbing.
  • Loss of Rents Revenue due to a covered losses.

How to save money on your Coverage

We can provide insurance on the apartments main structure as well as certain owners contents. Both Loss of Rents and Owners Liability coverage can be included, Property Managers Professional Liability and Crime coverage are also available options. Risks do not need to be free of losses. This coverage is written on Commercial Mono Line or Package policy Forms.

Dwelling Insurance Quotes
Updates for your Property

1. Update your homes heating, electrical and plumbing systems to modern standards and you may qualify for a discount of as much as 15% on your dwelling coverage rate in Texas. Even though you may like old-fashioned fire places, they may not be as fire-safe as the more modern heating systems available today. Building technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years. There are many ways to make your buildings much safer. In addition to being a lower insurance risk, you can add value to your home structure in terms of its net worth in today's marketplace.

DP2 Insurance
Ask about available discounts

2. Don't forget to ask about discounts that may be available from your insurer. If you don't know about the factors that effect your final rate, you can not take advantage of them. Be sure to inform your insurance agent about any repairs, major updates you've made to structures or Conveyances. Certain newer appliances can also qualify your for discounts. Insurers do often advertise the most common discounts but generally do not advertise every available discount but that doesn't mean they are not there, it does no harm to ask your agent about ways you can save.

DP3 Insurance
Choice of construction materials

3. The material used use in construction of your property can go a very long way in affecting rates for dwelling insurance in Texas. Frame Structures provide more resistance to earthquakes. Brick buildings can offer better resistance to high winds and flying debris as well as the occasional auto collision. Those who need Apartment Building coverage in the Western U.S. can often pay lower rates if the buildings are frame because of the earthquakes there. Building your structure with the appropriate material for your state can easily save you 5% to 35% on your rate.

HO3T Insurance Quotes
Customizing your Policy

4. Your dwelling coverage can be both affordable and easy to find when you are working with an agent familiar with the risks investors face. You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on insurance in Texas by comparing quotes. Basic form 1 DP2 Policy is usually the cheaper option but may offer less coverage. A DP2 insurance policy withextended peril coverage offers more protection. The DP3 dwelling insurance policy is the broad form, it offer more coverage but may not always be best value for the money. The rule of thumb is to evaluate competing rental dwelling coverage options and make the choice that makes the most sense for your investment exposure. Let us shop the best dwelling insurance policy for your investments in Texas.